Day 11 – Channel Islands & Brittany

The fleet make st malo


48°38.784 N 002°01.382 W

Mission to St Malo

The alarm went off at 0445hrs aboard MBM control boat Blue Fin. It was still dark outside but minute-by-minute the sky was getting lighter and lighter. Time Flies departed at 0530 as planned and hurtled off towards the next port of call, St Malo.

On track, just outside Binic, Aquastar Perroquet reported a vibration but were still able to make headway, they suspected it might be something around their prop. Before a blink of an eye brave owner Ingvar went in swimming to investigate (with just a mask and swimming trunks!). MBM control Blue Fin stood guard. In chilly water Ingvar was amazed to find a metre length of thick multiplait polypropylene wrapped around the shaft. Luckily the rope cutters had done their job with no damage to the prop or shaft and he managed to free it.

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On passage the sun rose above the horizon and the fleet were treated to a breathtaking sunrise. At the other end Time Flies was ready and waiting for the 0730hrs lock into the Port Vauban basin. Fairline Phantom 38 Seacrest was the first to radio in their arrival at St Malo and was closely followed by the faster boats. The high lock wall was quite a challenge and long lines were required, but everyone locked through without any problems and were soon secure on the town wall in the basin. The second lock of boats accompanied a large bulk carrier.

Although the basin is near a marina with toilet and shower facilities, tonight the fleet will be without power and water, so conservation will be key.

The old walled town in St Malo is spectacular. The MBM team did the circuit along the high city wall encapsulating many grand four-storey buildings and brasseries. They crossed over to the Grand Bé Island as it was low tide and took a wander back through the buzzing cobble streets of the town itself.

Photos – Sunrise and Blue Fin on passage (photos by Kat Frew), Ingvar with rope and fleet on town wall at St Malo.


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