Day 12 Netherlands Cruise

Crews enjoy some tender moments in Goes

There was no alarm and no radio call for the fleet this morning, today crews could enjoy a sunny rest day in Goes.

The town was a hive of activity, the many shops and the fun fair being the main attractions. The MBM fleet has also received a lot of attention throughout the day, with locals and tourists stopping to admire the varied cluster of motor boats. Perhaps an unusual occurrence?

For the MBM team there were the usual chores to be done around the fleet. Cruise leader Neale inspected the props of Princess 45 Chardonnay with his underwater camera. Owner Myles suspected they might be damaged after chinking the bottom.

Day 12 Checking props

Prop check – Neale uses his underwater camera

For a bit of fun in the sheltered basin, at 3 o’clock Claire had arranged a blindfolded rowing competition for the kids, and the big kids of the fleet. The rules were simple, the person rowing was blindfolded and the other would direct he or she around a marker buoy and back. As you can imagine the results were hysterical and there was a lot of “right, noooo left!”. The results were announced at the 6pm briefing, Team Flower Power won the competition with the fastest time, with Team Ole Brumm and Team Rosie D coming in at a close second and third.

Day 12 Team Flower Power Win!The Winners Team Flower Power – Louise, David and Sophie

Tomorrow the fleet will depart Goes bound for Belgium port of Nieuwpoort. With the bridges lifting from 8.50am the plan is to get all boats out of the basin in 15 minutes.

Day 12 Claire & Cornelius

The MBM team would like to thank Goes Harbour Master Cornelius (pictured with MBM’s Claire) for his hospitality. He and the town have made us very welcome.


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