Day 12 Paris

The fleet split - 12 boats to Vernon and Venables

Split Ends

The fleet stirred and cast off from the Ile de France Yacht Club at 0800 – it would another long day travelling downstream, with two destinations and two very different passage times. Blue Fin departed with the first group bound for Venables (51 miles) and Time Flies followed on with the rest for the Vernon Yacht Club (31 miles).

It seems it was a day for wildlife spotting. Almost immediately after departing Claire, aboard Time Flies caught a brief glimpse of a wild otter close into the bank. More otters, kingfishers, some deer, a lone fox on an island and numerous herons were also spotted along the way.

The scenery is becoming more rural again, with little towns set amongst rolling hills, chalky cliffs and green fields. The river seems more peaceful and serene, with networks of islands and undisturbed backwaters.

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The heat wave seems to be intensifying with temperatures in the upper-thirties. As soon as crews reached their destinations it was time to cool off or retreat to the shade. At Vernon, Dave from Knot Again went for a dip and there were a few water fights breaking out in the afternoon sunshine. Other crews made beeline for the local air conditioned Lidl store, just a few hundred yards away, coming back armed with trolley loads of bottled water and other food supplies.

Rouen is on the agenda for tomorrow, where the fleet will fuel and remain for two nights.

The boat knows the way – Sunniva is MBM’s ex Broom 39 Calm Voyager which visited Paris in 2005(top), Nimbus 380 Blue Chip, Fleet boats at Vernon Yacht Club, Sunset at Vernon (bottom)

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