Day 13 – Channel Islands & Brittany Cruise

The MBM boats have arrived in Guernsey

Today the MBM fleet made passage to Guernsey. Once the tidal gate at Binic opened, Richard and Claire, aboard Ribeye Time Flies made a swift exit. By 0710 French time Neale was calling boats off their berths and soon everyone was on passage towards St Peter Port, Guernsey.

On departure the Cleopatra Camargue 46 Time Lost wouldn’t start. Neale and Ryan quickly hopped on board and diagnosed a faulty starter motor. The crew were not happy to proceed on to Guernsey on one engine, so Neale and Ryan did as much as they could to test and remove the culprit starter motor, also putting them in touch with a UK supplier, but unfortunately they had to be leave the boat and crew behind.

For the first 5 miles of the passage the south westerly wind was on the beam but for the rest of the time it was a following sea. Time Flies powered on at 28 knots most of way to stay just ahead of the fleet. As boats drew nearer to the coast of Guernsey crews witnessed the rolling atlantic swell typical of this area, but in its gentlest form.

On arrival in St Peter Port boats were assisted with fuelling and berthed on D pontoon in Victoria Marina. Everyone was in and over the sill by 11am apart from La Dolce Vita and Blue Fin who had to stay outside until the next tide. With the rest of the day to themselves many went back to bed while others hit the shops.

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Unless the weather changes the fleet are due to stay here 3 nights, departing cross-channel on sunday.

In the evening sunshine a impromptu pontoon party ensued and Drenagh from Oxygen was serving up her specialty Limoncello.

Its the Harbour Carnival in St Peter Port tomorrow, and we are told there will be lots going on in the marina, including a tug of war and a rowing race. As I write a platform is being erected along the harbour wall just ahead of Blue Fin. The fleet should have an excellent view of the festivities.

Photo – Drenagh with her Limoncello

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