Day 14 – Channel Islands & West Country 2011

The penultimate day, crews spend a rest day in Weymouth

Friday 22nd July

It’s been a sunny day in Weymouth. Most crews did the Weymouth circuit, strolling along the seafront and through the bustling high street and many of the fleet returned to the boats on Custom House Quay ladened down with shopping bags. Penny and Stephen of Gite visited the RSPB bird sanctuary, just a stone’s through from the harbour.

For the MBM team there was a lengthy jobs’ list to tend to, which included fuelling the RIB Time Flies, replacing a generator impeller on Haylu and passage planning for our final move to the Solent.

Day 14 Neale & Kear in No Stress Williams TendeTravelling by tube – Neale (Dignity) and Kear on No Stress’ Williams Tender

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During the afternoon Lee and Pam of Indie took a few cruise participants by boat to see the new Portland Marina.

In the evening there was a briefing and a barbecue at the Royal Dorset Yacht Club. During the rain showers at Salcombe, the MBM team had devised a quiz for the fleet and the results and winners were announced at the briefing. A bonus question was “Make up a funny rhyme or story that includes at least five fleet boat names”. With boat names such as Get Passionate, Breathless and Crescendo, you can just imagine the results.

At the barbecue everyone was saying their goodbyes, in particular to Jersey-based boat Indie. They are due to set out at 6am tomorrow morning and return cross Channel to Jersey, so it’s an early morning weather check for the MBM team. For the rest of the fleet it’s radios on by 10am, with Time Flies departing at the earlier time of 9am.

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