Day 14 – Holland

The fleet reaches Nieuwpoort and readies itself for the final leg home

Nieuwpoort 51° 08.550N 002° 44.338E

What a glorious day! We woke to blue skies and a beaming sun and the weather has stayed good all day, with only slight winds.

It was a bit of a palaver getting under the bridge this morning to leave Goes, as even though Cornelius had stuck to his word and lifted the footbridge for us at 8.50am, there were a few other boats who pushed in and tried to nudge our boats out of the way. The cheek!

Neale and I were joined on Blue Fin today by Jacqui from Everso who’d decided she’d had enough of her family and became our latest stowaway. The water was calm as we cruised along at 10 knots (making sure the slower boats were ok) so Jacqui and I made the most of it and basked in the sun as Neale took the helm.

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Today was momentous as we cleared our last lock on this side of the Channel – hurray! Unfortunately it wasn’t a smooth passage for everyone, problems were reported by Elusiff, Joli D and Delta Flyer, all of which seem to have been resolved. Perhaps they were just last ditch attempts to get a mention in the blog…

We are now in Nieuwpoort; hungry, tired and a little bit sunburnt.

Tomorrow we will journey across the Channel and ensure everyone is safely across the TSS before we press on to Port Solent. The first boats will set off at 6am, so it’s an early start all round.

Caption: Ron from Ironic waits in the last lock


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