Day 14 – West Country

A rest day in Salcombe


50°14.622 N 003°45.561W

Back to basics

Although the fleet were not scheduled to move to today, with increasing wind in the forecast for the weekend the MBM team felt it necessary to have a look at the conditions for a possible move to Weymouth. The alarm went off at 5.30am aboard Blue Fin, and the team awoke to a still and overcast morning. Time Flies headed out of Salcombe Harbour at 6am to check the sea state in Lyme Bay. However, conditions in ‘The Bag’ were deceptive. The RIB was faced with 2m swells off the entrance, which continued out to Start Point and into Lyme Bay. With increasing winds forecast for the rest of the day Cruise Leader Neale deemed the move to Weymouth as unacceptable.

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Despite the dismal and grisly weather outside crews had a full rest day in Salcombe and took the opportunity to explore their surroundings. Pam and Murray off Broom 345, Way Ahead, took the bus to neighbouring estuary town of Kingsbridge and came back to Salcombe via the foot ferry. The market town of Kingsbridge is smaller by comparison to Salcombe and can only be accessed by boat at high water, but there is the bonus of a supermarket. Salcombe, itself, was a hive of activity and with many sailing clothes shops offering 50% off in the sales at least the female camps were kept happy!

The fleet will spend a second night in Salcombe and with water and electric in short supply some crews are making use of the facilities aboard the Egremont, an ex Mersey Ferry – now a floating base for the Island Cruising Club. The MBM team has been running a shuttle service taking crews over for nice, hot shower. Our thanks must go to the Island Cruising Club for their kind hospitality.

A radio briefing was held at 6pm. Cruise Leader Neale announced that the team will have a look at the weather again tomorrow, and one of the control boats will go out to assess the conditions for a possible passage to Weymouth. Although there isn’t much hope, due to another windy forecast, it’s important to make use of every opportunity with regards to getting the fleet back home as the cruise is nearing its end.

Photos – Catching up on some reading, Neale finds the latest MBM hard to put down in the local newsagent. Jilly the dog from Nimbus 380 Suenos (the boat pictured in the background) takes a ride ashore in Time Flies. ‘Daddy, I want one!’ Sophie of Sealine S28 Flower Power in XS RIB Time Flies. Prawns anyone? Neale found this little stowaway in Blue Fin’s raw water strainers.


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