Day 15 – Channel Islands & Brittany

The fleet cross channel homeward bound


Time to go home now

The alarm aboard MBM control boat ‘Blue Fin’ went off at 0700hrs. A final check of the weather and it was all systems go for the fleet. Pen Hannah was the first to depart, closely followed by ‘Time Flies’ with Richard and Claire aboard. ‘Blue Fin’, with Neale and Justin aboard, remained behind to call out the rest of the fleet.

On passage, ‘Time Flies’ discovered a substantial piece of timber, over 10 foot in length, floating right on the track in the separation scheme. Concerned that this could be a dangerous hazard to one of the following boats, Claire and Richard dragged the heavy flotsam aboard.

With 28 miles to run to the Needles Fairway buoy, the Broom 42 ‘Mister Green’ alerted ‘Blue Fin’ to an overheating problem, and was making way under one engine. ‘Blue Fin’, who were not too far behind, came quickly to assist. ‘Time Flies’, who was 8 miles ahead, turned around and was on hand 15 minutes later. Richard and Neale were dropped on board the Broom and quickly established the cause; the port engine had shed a drive belt powering the water pump. The boat was fixed and underway again within half an hour.

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Its 1910 hrs now and ‘Blue Fin’ and ‘Time Flies’ are safely back on their home berth at Port Solent, with the fleet dispersed to their various home ports. For all, tomorrow will be day packing and tidying, tonight will be for reminiscing and winding down. The cruise has been a huge success, reaching all the intended ports of call and with some fantastic weather on the way too.
Until next time?

Photos – Bavaria 37 ‘Oxygen’ and Aquastar ‘Gallant Lady’ passing Herm. Princess 42 ‘Elinor B’. Dangerous cargo, Richard and Claire misunderstood when Neale said complete their log; the offending piece of timber in Time Flies XS 700 RIB.


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