Day 15 Netherlands Cruise

The MBM fleet makes a break for home ports

With a forecast of 3’s to 4’s for today, gale force winds up to force 9 forecast for tomorrow, and no other weather window until at least Wednesday, it was decided to depart Nieuwpoort for home today. This was despite some residual swell left over from yesterdays weather, which would mean a slightly bumpy passage. After a quick conditions check by Time Flies at 7am, the decision was passed to the fleet.

On departure Sealine S28 Flower Power reported a problem with one of his engines, it wasn’t pulling revs and so had to turn back into Nieuwpoort. Upon further investigation he had lost one of his four Duoprops. With bad weather forecast for the next few days and the requirement for the owner to be back at work for Monday, the MBM team offered the family a lift home aboard control boat Blue Fin, which they accepted. Last to depart Blue Fin slipped its lined at around 10am.

Despite some uncomfortable early parts of the passage most boats found flatter conditions of the UK side. The Thames boats reported smooth conditions in the estuary and the Solent based boats returned to port in calm seas.

By 1930 all boats had logged their safe arrival with Blue Fin, who arrived back in Port Solent at 2030.

Day 15 Arrival back in Portsmouth

Portsmouth ahoy! – Soaked from rain Keith enters Portsmouth Harbour aboard Time Flies

Main Photo – Flower Power’s David, Louise and little Sophie in the cockpit if Blue Fin


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