Day 15 – West Country

Yet another rest day in Salcombe


50°14.622 N 003°45.561W

It was another early alarm call for the MBM team this morning. At 7am Blue Fin slipped and departed Salcombe with Claire and Neale aboard. Yet again, the swell off the Salcombe entrance was horrendous and had increased considerably from yesterday. Although the wind and swell was coming from behind, the conditions were unacceptable. We would not be moving today.

With blue skies overhead the fleet were faced with another rest day in Salcombe. A trip into town was on the agenda for most, and Claire ran the Time Flies shower shuttle over to the Egremont again. Sealine F37, Coasting, and Sealine S28, Flower Power, slipped their lines and took the opportunity to run their engines around the harbour and take on water at Normandy Pier. The crews from Way Ahead and Seaglo went to see Mamma Mia at the cinema in Kingsbridge and John and Liz from Joli D visited Totnes as one of their crew was heading home today by train.

A briefing was held on the pontoon at 6pm where Neale discussed plans for tomorrow. Blue Fin will depart first at 7am to assess the sea state in Lyme Bay – if the conditions are acceptable the rest of the boats will depart at 8am with Time Flies bringing up the rear.

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Late in the evening the MBM team attended an overheating generator. An inspection revealed the raw water filter was completely clogged up with weed.

Photos – Blue Fin Princess 42 watering up on Normandy Pier at Salcombe. The clogged generator raw water filter on the Sealine T50


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