Day 16 – Channel Islands & Brittany

All of the fleet arrive back at their home ports after a fantastic couple of weeks

50° 50.37N 001° 06.06W

We are now back home following an eventful passage from Guernsey yesterday.

As planned, we set off from St Peter Port at 7am. For this final passage it was agreed that I would join Richard on board Time Flies, while Claire would join Neale on board Blue Fin. So, Richard and I set off ahead of the fleet and positioned ourselves close to our first waypoint so we could hold one final photoshoot. Once all the boats were photographed we picked up some speed and rejoined the fleet somewhere towards the front.

I’ve never crossed the Channel in anything vaguely as small as a RIB so the experience was something of an eye-opener, not to mention a face warmer (it seems I underestimated the powerful combination of wind and sun burn and I now look like a ripe tomato).

But, aside from a little lumpiness at the start of the passage it was a good crossing and I now have an even greater respect for Claire and Richard who have had to endure some very early and cold mornings in Time Flies over the last fortnight.

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Elsewhere on the passage we did encounter a few problems. First of all Juliette, radioed to say that they had hit something in the water, Blue Fin kept radio contact while they inspected for damage and when they were confident that everything was OK they continued on their route.

An hour or so later Free Spirit reported problems with one of their engines and smoke could be seen at the stern of their boat. The MBM crew caught up with them and escorted them into the Solent at a slower speed.

But despite these dramas everyone made it back to their home ports safely and the cruising in company spirit never seemed so alive and well. Thanks to everyone for making this a brilliant couple of weeks and we hope to see you all on another MBM cruise in the near future.

Photo Caption: Blue Fin makes it back to the Solent

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