Day 16 Paris

The fleet make the passage home cross channel


Time to go home

At 0700 the fleet stirred – today they would disperse and go back cross-channel to the UK. It was bright and very warm morning with a clear blue sky. Out on the pontoon some last goodbyes were being said. The slower boats began departing at 0730 accompanied by Keith aboard support RIB Time Flies.

It was nearing low water at Le Havre and to the MBM teams dismay a couple of boats were stuck in the soft mud on the visitors O pontoon. Blue Fin remained until the boats floated free and departed with them on passage.

Out in the shipping lanes Blue Fin encountered a pod of bottlenose dolphins. The group of approximately 15 dolphins played in the wake and criss-crossed under the Princess’ bows as Neale circled at slow speed.

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During the 88-mile passage, Fairline Targa 34 Attacker V was escorted through the shipping lanes byBlue Finafter suffering a mechanical problem.

All boats are now safely in port, with the east coast based boats overnighting in Ramsgate or Boulogne before heading home.

It seems everyone had a great time and ambitions of taking boats past the Eiffel Tower and into the heart of Paris were realised. The cruise was blessed with the most fantastic weather, first channel crossings were made and new friends were met.

The fleet depart Le Havre
Fairline Phantom 38 Portunas
Dolphins on the port bow!


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