Day 3 – Channel Islands & Brittany

It's good news all round as the MBM Cruising Club arrives in Cherbourg where they are joined by the rest of their fleet


49° 38.68N 001° 37.22W

We are now in Cherbourg, albeit a little weather-beaten. While some of the fleet enjoyed a cosy crossing in the warmth of their saloon – I spied Justin of Slip’s Dream putting fenders out as we reached Cherbourg wearing just shorts and a T-shirt – Neale prefers to helm from the flybridge, which plays havoc with my skincare regime.

The crossing was good, slightly lumpy in places, but nothing we couldn’t handle and there are now lots of happy (and relieved) faces along the pontoon, especially from those who have just completed their first Channel crossing.

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When we reached Cherbourg we were met by Chancer and Dolphin who have been here a couple of days, and just as Neale was delivering his briefing for tomorrow, Sea Star, the boat which had got stuck in Brighton, appeared on the horizon.

Neale’s briefing drew mixed reactions. At the moment we’re fairly optimistic we can make the passage to St Helier tomorrow (yippee!) but if we do head off we need to leave at 6am local time (boo!). That’s 5am BST.

We’ll check the weather again in the morning but spare a thought for Claire and Richard on Time Flies. If they have to go out early to check conditions in the RIB it’s looking like a 5am (4am BST) start for them. Ouch, that’s got to hurt.

Caption: Fairline Sedan 36, Julliette, crosses the Channel

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