Day 4 Channel Islands & West Country

Rainy day in Weymouth


50° 36.43 002° 27.14 Custom House Quay, Weymouth
Tuesday 14th August

A rainy day in Weymouth

At three o’clock this morning MBM crew member Michelle was busy mopping up water from a mini flood that had occurred in the mid cabin. Rain had come in through an open porthole and, rather worryingly, was dripping all over the electrics. Throughout the night the wind howled, the rain poured down and the fleet were blown about on their moorings.

By 8am the wind hadn’t died down so cruise leader Neale donned his foulies to check on the fleet’s mooring lines. We are pleased to report that everyone made it through the night in one piece, although most people hadn’t slept that well.

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During the day Neale and Richard attempted to fix the fuel tank sender unit aboard AquaVit, but they had more luck getting Calm Voyager’s TracVision Satellite TV system operational. Calm Voyager is now up and running and able to receive local TV channels.

Undeterred by the wind and rain, Kathleen and John from Fairline Targa 30 Merelle explored the Isle of Portland by bus and Peter and Wendy from Sunseeker Camargue Kitaro II walked to Nothe Gardens. The views from Nothe are usually fantastic, but sadly the heavy rain clouds obscured the scenery of Portland Bill and beyond.

Today, Claire and Michelle have been organising numbers for tomorrow night’s buffet dinner at the Royal Dorset Yacht Club to coincide with Carnival day in Weymouth. Weather permitting there will be a parade, a Red Arrows display and a firework spectacular at nightfall.

This afternoon, while walking along the beach promenade, the MBM crew met a man with an unusual bicycle buddy – his best friend ‘Magic’ the cat. Magic, a ginger-and-white moggie, travels everywhere on the back of his owner’s bike, and isn’t fazed by crowds or being stroked by strangers. The pair from Reading were on their way home after a trip along the Dorset coastline.

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Nothe Fort
On yer bike: Magic the cat
Rainy night in Weymouth


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