Day 4 Paris

Following a passage of 65 miles the fleet reaches the city of Rouen

Road to Rouen

It was a 0730 alarm start for the fleet and we woke to a grey yet surprisingly warm morning in Honfleur.

The first 10 boats assembled in the lock at 0830 and 10 minutes later they were locking out onto the River Seine. Two locks later and the entire fleet was clear of Honfleur and snaking its way upstream.

The passage to Rouen was quite spectacular – it appeared as though the river had been carved right into the landscape. High white chalk cliffs and tree-lined hills rose up on either side of the riverbank, with grand chateaus, quaint houses and sleepy villages nestled beneath them. By early afternoon the sun had finally broken through and as a result there are a few sunburned faces among the fleet.

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At Rouen the first boats to arrive proceeded past Ile Lacroix and on to the fuel barge beyond. Fuelling was a lengthy process but there was a warm welcome from the harbourmaster when we reached our moorings. Blue Fin has logged 10 hours of running time today but covered just 65 miles but everyone seemed to enjoy the relaxed pace of today’s cruise.

Unfortunately, as there is no port able to take all 25 boats between Les Mureux and Rouen, tomorrow the fleet will be split into two groups of 12 and 13 boats across Port de Venables and Vernon Yacht Club. The first boats are due to depart at 0730.

The front of the fleet passes through the first bridges at Rouen (top)
Nightfall on Ile Lacroix, Rouen (bottom)

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