Despite blue skies, our passage to St Quay Portrieux is scuppered by wind, but the fleet uses the opportunity to make the most of the Jersey sun

Day 6 Channel Islands & Brittany

10.95 N 002° 06.62W

Despite blue skies, our passage to St-Quay-Portrieux was scuppered by wind, but the fleet used the opportunity to make the most of the Jersey sun.

We awoke this morning to an almost cloudless sky and it seemed likely that we would make our passage to St Quay Portrieux. However, when Time Flies went out to check conditions they found it a bit lumpy, with more than a few white horses, so the decision was made to stay put.

It wasn’t all bad news though, as following the washout yesterday everyone seemed happy to have an extra day to explore the island. And explore the island they did – on foot, by bus and a few healthy individuals put us all to shame by hiring bikes. Jersey isn’t flat you know.

By early evening most people were back at the marina to share tales and compare suntan/burn (I must remember to put on some lotion). And there were happy faces all round – Chancer spent the day poodling around town before sunning themselves on their flybridge, both Evolution and Free Spirit made plans to visit the beautiful St Brelade’s Bay, while Blue Water somehow happened upon a falconry display.

Meanwhile, Claire and I collected shells, much to Neale and Richard’s bemusement. Perhaps they were still reeling after being dive-bombed by some over-eager seagulls as they ate ice cream near Corbiere lighthouse. Shortly afterwards we stumbled across a boatyard with an old Bayliner and several boats in need of some TLC, which soon cheered the boys up.

Once again we’re hoping to embark to St Quay Portrieux in the morning so weather gods, if you’re listening, please make the wind go away.

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