Day 7 – Channel Islands & Brittany Cruise

Windy weather prevents a fleet move to St Malo, St Cast may be on the agenda now for tomorrow...

I can report that the fleet will be remaining at St Helier for another night.

The marina is very sheltered but the wind had picked up overnight and this morning the flags around the marina were standing to attention. The St Helier pier head wind report (every two minutes on VHF channel 18) was saying a southerly force 5 gusting 6, definitely not ideal conditions for a passage down to St Malo. Despite stationing the MBM support RIB on the outer waiting pontoon last night there was clearly no need for it to go out and check the conditions. Disappointed the MBM team have bought the RIB back in across the sill and back with the fleet.

Despite a sunny start the rain is now falling, momentarily we hope. All is quiet in the marina, crews have either ventured off or are sheltering from the rain. On board Prestige 350 Blue Fin the printer and charts are out and Cruise leader Neale is currently working on a new passage plan to St Cast. Unfortunately the fleet will now have to bypass a visit St Malo Port Vauban as the Tall Ships are due in tomorrow. Richard and Ryan have been onboard Time Lost this morning trying to diagnose a non operational bowthruster.

It seems people aren’t so disappointed to be here another day, everyone is really enjoying themselves. With lots of lovely shops, restaurants and places of interest there is lots to be getting on with.

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