Day 7 Netherlands Cruise

Willemstad is on the agenda today, but is there weather on the way?

An eery morning mist had descended on Brouwershaven and everything was still and quiet. By 7.30am the first boats were untangling themselves from their rafts and were departing for the next destination, Willemstad. Hardy Commander 32 Tidesend and support RIB Time Flies led the fleet at displacement speeds through the glistening water of the Grevelingenmeer, and back towards the lock.

Day 7 Early morning on the Grevelingenmeer

Glistening waters on the Grevelingenmeer

All boats departed en-mass, with the exception of lead boat, Blue Fin, which remained behind with Icarus and Rosie D. Sterndrive-powered Sealine S34 Icarus sustained some damage to its duo-props and its owner Peter had ordered new sets to be delivered to a nearby marina. Action man Graham from Rosie D volunteered to remove the old set and fit the new set in the water and by 10am they were all on passage. Thanks for your help Graham.

Day 7 Fairline Phantom 43 InMotion on the Volkerak

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Give us a wave – Fairline Phantom 43 In Motion on the Volkerak

Today the fleet traversed three locks and the early departure had given them a head start on the weekend boaters. Crews had enjoyed hot sunshine, and the cool breeze while underway was a blessing. The final stretch of water, the Volkerak, had turned a bizarre green ‘pea soup’ colour due to the heat and growth of algae.

Day 7 Volkerak

At 2pm the MBM fleet began filing into the small town basin of Willemstad. The town quayside was buzzing with an array of expensive motorbikes and the locals stopped to watch the fleet assemble into tidy rafts. It must have been quite a spectacle. Tonight the air is close and stormy, there’s weather coming in. But there is a rest day tomorrow so crews can relax and enjoy their new surroundings.


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