Day 8 – Bruges Cruise

The fleet spend their last day in Bruges, and re-fuel ready for the journey tomorrow

Friday 18th May

Re-fuelling Day

Although a rest day in the schedule, today saw the arduous task for the MBM team of re-fuelling the fleet. A fuel tanker arrived on the opposite bank just after 1100 hrs and Neale and the team co-ordinated the re-fuelling of 14 boats. The tanker had been asked to provide 4500 litres of white diesel costing €1 per litre. It had gone 3 o’clock before the team had finished and the last boat had been helped back into its original berth.

After re-fuelling there was still time to dash into town for some last minute present buying, or to visit the local supermarket to re-stock the fridge for the journey home. A pontoon party was held at 1730 local and gave everyone a chance to chat and reflect on the week so far. Everyone seems very much in love with Bruges; the tradition, the delicious food, the chocolate, the buildings, it’s been described as the Venice of Belgium. A few boats are even toying with the idea of leaving their boats out here and staying on for a couple of days/weeks longer.

Tomorrow, the plan is to depart at 0900 hrs in view of getting the 1500 Demey sluis at Oostende. Then weather permitting the fleet will push on down the Belgian coast towards France, and will overnight in Dunkerque’s Yacht Club de la Mer du Nord.

Photo Captions

Re-fuelling Rodman 41 ‘Only Money’
Pontoon party
Richard Watts ‘Evolution’ entertains the fleet with his accordian playing


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