Day 9 – Holland

The fleet spends a windy but lazy day in Port Zelande

Port Zelande 51° 45.555N 003° 51.564E

Apologies everyone, this is the blog that should have gone up yesterday but we had problems with our WiFi. Plan B was to put it up earlier today but this was just not possible, the reasons for which will become clear when you read day 10’s blog.

It’s been a lazy, but windy day in Port Zelande.

After a leisurely breakfast on board I ambled over to the Centre Parcs complex on site for what I hoped would be a relaxing swim but which actually turned out to be utter mayhem, as the pool is actually a water park, rammed full of screaming kids and adults that should know better.

I was one such adult and I even found myself having a go on one of the water slides. Looking round at my peers, who were on the whole a good 15 years younger than me, I did feel quite ridiculous. I probably didn’t feel quite as silly as George from Everso felt though, as I have it on good authority that he actually got stuck on one of the slides. Maybe we should leave it to the kids from now on, hey George?

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Donny Rover, who had decided to stay behind an extra night in Brouwershaven caught us up at lunchtime, although they had a tricky time of it, mooring up in howling winds.

Neale and Claire ventured over to the nearby sandy beach, which is massive, although their enjoyment was hampered somewhat by the unrelenting wind. They later topped up the oil level on Blue Fin and thankfully they managed to get hold of some oil for the RIB. Claire also painted the teak in the cockpit.

Tonight the entire fleet is meeting at Le Bateau restaurant in the marina for dinner, which will be a good chance for everyone to catch up and tomorrow the plan is to move on to Willemstad.

Caption: The beach at Port Zelande


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