Day 9 Paris

Another day of rest and exploration in Paris

Trains, graves and Disneyland

With a second rest day ahead of us it’s been another day of exploration for the fleet. It was a sweltering day in Paris, so most took the opportunity to hit all the tourist hotspots, spending most of the day ashore.

It was market day at the Bastille and Dawn and Garry of Seacrest reported back on the impressive array of fresh foods available, including a selection of cheeses and rotary cooked chickens. However they were shocked to see freshly killed ducks (complete with their heads) on sale. Dawn and Garry also managed a visit to the massive Pére Lachiase Cemetery to see the final resting place of writer Oscar Wilde. Jim Morrison of The Doors, classical composer Chopin and mime artist Marcel Marceau are also buried there.

Dave and Valerie of Knot Again also had a busy day exploring on foot and afloat. They took the Paris river bus tour, visited the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral and also the original site and film set (now a café) of the Moulin Rouge.

Jeanneau Prestige 46 HarveyMae and Beneteau Swift Trawler 42 Knot Again will be leaving the fleet and the Arsenal tomorrow as they are keen to visit one of the riverside restaurants (with a mooring outside) that they passed en route to Paris. They will rejoin the fleet at the Ile de France Yacht Club at Les Mureux.

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In the sweltering afternoon temperature the adults initiated a brief water fight with the youngsters, a great chance for those involved to cool off.

Just 40 minutes away on the Metro, the MBM team spent the day at Mickey’s magical kingdom, Disneyland Paris, sampling the many exciting rides the theme park has to offer.

Tomorrow will be fuelling day for a couple of boats. This means departing the marina through the lock and travelling upstream to a fuel barge on the junction to the River Marne.

The Magic Kingdom at Disneyland Paris
The crew of Attacker V – John, Tom, Laura and Janina
Suntrap – The fleet in the corner of the Paris Arsenal Marina

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