Ode to the Bruges Cruise (so far…)

A poem written by Rowena Stevenson, 'Sunniva of Boston'

There’s a famous seaside place called Ramsgate
That’s noted for fresh air and fun
The MBM Cruising Club meet there
So flotilla’s can cruise to the sun.

We signed up to one of these cruises
And arrived at Ramsgate on time
But the weather has been pretty dismal
And the days here are totalling nine!

Its NOT that Ramsgate is not quite exciting
There’s a chip shop, a pub and a bar,
But finding one actually open
Has proved quite a trial, so far.

But we are not giving up on the prospect
Of travelling further than here
‘Cos on Wednesday five other boats came
& yesterday who should appear!

Calm Voyager finally made it
Her crew all smiling and wet
We were going to strike off on Monday,
But still haven’t made it, quite yet.

Tonight is an added bonus
We were supposed to be somewhere in France
Sipping champagne and swallowing oysters
But didn’t quite dare take the chance.

The crossing would have been risky
And safety is the ultimate aim
So the shipping forecast been familiar
As we sit in the wind and the rain.

But we’re not going to be beaten
We don’t go round with our eyes closed
We’ve noticed a Ferry docks here
So you can guess what we propose.

Tomorrow we buy 40 tickets
And let someone else take the strain
Of the – fuelling and plotting and waypoints
And avoiding the buoys in the rain.

At least we can say we have been there
And stock up on chocolates and booze
And perhaps have better luck next year
Choosing the date of our MBM cruise.

written by Rowena Stevenson, ‘Sunniva of Boston’


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