Cruising Log

Anchorages in focus and new routes discovered.

A selection of European cruising facts and advice, anchorages in focus and new routes discovered. Detailed international cruising information can be found in the Foreign Cruising Handbook.
Destinations: The essential guide to cruising grounds

The West Coast of Scotland
Cruising notes on the Firth of Clyde to the Sound of Sleat. (September 1998)
The Irish sea
In the wake of his voyage from Cornwall to south-west Ireland, Peter Cumberlidge leaves the English Channel to scour Scotland’s west coast by way of the Irish Sea. (January 1997)

Across to Ireland
Forget your reservations and head for the south-west corner of the Emerald Isle from Cornwall. Peter Cumberlidge takes the plunge and receives a warm welcome. (November 1997)

The Thames Estuary
The busy channels between the Kent and Essex shores can be treacherous and daunting. But don’t be put off… (August 1997)

Off the beaten track: Hidden treasures of the cruising world

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Les Minquiers
‘We shouldn’t really recommend that you venture there at all, yet when you are cruising the rocky waters south of Jersey its magnetism is utterly compelling.’ (August 1997)
Peter Cumberlidge finds refuge in a Cornish resort that despite its popularity has managed to preserve its unique and intriguing character. Photos by the author. (October 1997)

Watermouth Cove
This narrow inlet, tucked away from the bustle of the Bristol Channel, is well worth the effort of finding and negotiating the sometimes lively entrance. Peter Cumberlidge guides you into Watermouth Cove. (December 1997)

Elender Cove
Peter Cumberlidge finds the wild Elender Cove an excellent place to break a passage. (August 1998)

Port of call: Your onshore pilot guide to classic destinations

Mussel bound – tucked away behind a Brittany estuary is the stunning town of Tréguier. It’s well worth venturing beyond the visitors’ pontoon to discover its secrects and of course its seafood. (September 1998)


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