From the Editor: April 2005

We've got a bit of a value-for-money thing going on this month

We?ve got a bit of a value-for-money thing going on this month. There is a perception in certain quarters that MBY is all about conspicuous consumption. Well, that?s not true (well, not all the time). Yes, we are happy to tell people how to convert large mounds of cash into fun, noise and CO2.

But equally we want to make sure that you, the readers, are getting good value from your mounds of cash.

To that end, we?ve been searching out some great-value boats this month. Would you believe you can get a stunning Sunseeker for £60,000? The Martinique is a damn fine boat and they can now be had for very reasonable money, so we?ve been looking at them in our Instant Expert section. We?ve also listed our Top 10 Weekenders, a supremely versatile category of boat that makes short-haul cruising affordable and achievable. And then there?s the Hunton XRS 37, an astonishingly good sportscruiser that offers superb handling, seakeeping and performance for well under £200,000.

Our 25 Ways to Save £££s feature does exactly what it says on the tin. It suggests some excellent (and some light-hearted) tips on saving you money this season, whether it?s making the most of your anchor or making the most of your paper charts. Much of it is common sense, but if you put a handful of these tips together you could save yourself significant amounts of dosh this season.

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Even the London Boat Show organisers have seen the money-saving light and reduced the price of tickets on preview day for next year?s show, bringing it in line with more affordable events on the Continent.

But fear not, big spenders ? we also have a couple of beautiful boats on test where the design and build quality are infinitely more important than keeping costs down. Both the Dale Classic 45 and the Sarnico 50 are utterly gorgeous and show what can be done if you?re not too concerned about the price tag.

So, with spring just round the corner and the season about to get under way, we?ll be looking in this issue and the next few at how to save some money, how to grab a boating bargain, and how to get the best out of your boat over the summer months.



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