From the Editor: August 2004

Well, we made it. One hundred years old, and still going strong...

Well, we made it. One hundred years old, and still going strong. Not bad, eh? In fact, I?d say that 100 years of continuous publication is pretty damn good. So good, in fact, that we were compelled to produce this ? the MBY Centenary Collector?s Edition.

As you probably noticed, it?s huge. And slightly more expensive than it normally is. But fret not ? it?s a one-off to celebrate this momentous occasion and to enable us to produce a truly excellent (not to mention weighty) issue of the magazine.

The theme for this Centenary issue is Past, Present and Future. Within these pages you?ll find features on the designers who have brought us some truly great boats, the personalities who have made motorboating the engaging pastime it is today, and of course the 100 Best Boats Ever! Under the heading of Present, we?ve taken a look at where motorboating, as a pastime and an industry, is at the moment: just how good are the products we buy? And then we look to the future so see where we?re going, and what types of craft we will be using to get there.

The process of picking our Top 100 Best Boats has been a wonderful experience. We?ve been calmly discussing the Top 100 in the office and in the pub. We?ve ridiculed some colleagues for their absurd opinions and supported others for their impeccable taste. We?ve ranted and raved. And although we have reached a general consensus, there are still differences of opinion. But what we are all agreed upon is that our Top 10 represents the MBY Dream Pontoon. There is absolutely no doubt that each of the boats in the Top 10 is a stunning vessel that any of us would be proud to own, and a pontoon with all of them would epitomise the past 100 years of this magazine.

Finally, let me pay tribute. Tribute to all the men and women who have worked on this magazine over the past ten decades. Tribute to a hundred years of boatbuilders who have striven to bring us the very best of their craft. And tribute to you, the readers, for making MBY a very special magazine and a very special place to work.

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