Insider’s cruising guide to the Channel Islands

This small and captivating archipelago should be on every boater's itinerary, we give you an idea of what you could be doing in Alderney, Guernsey, Herm, Jersey and Sark on those sunny bank holiday weekends


Alderney is an island where cars wear body indentations as badges of honour and children as young as six walk to school without their parents. But if the islanders’ reputation is a little bonkers, be assured the welcome they give to every visiting boater is as warm as you will find on any Caribbean island.

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Approach the massive breakwater from the sea and there, waiting to greet you, will be a member of the harbourmaster’s team in a boat. It is their job to assist you and to answer all your questions. Only when he knows your boat is safely tethered will he mention the fee of £15, which covers the mooring for 24 hours and as many hot showers as your crew may need.


Above: Favourite haven, Longis Bay

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