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Ringhaddy Sounds, Stragford Lough, N Ireland

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Ringhaddy Sound is especially good for those that have just done an Irish Sea crossing, as its rural setting provides some nice serenity.

Due to the strong tide, which can run at 8 knots at springs, it’s best to enter on the flood tide and leave near high water. Once in the Strangford lough the islands all look the same so pay close attention to your chart, although Ringhaddy Sound is easily spotted by the forest of masts. You may be charged for anchoring, but fees are rarely collected.

Watch out for
Keep your wits about you inside the lock as it’s studded with boulder reefs or ‘pladdies’. Also note that Black Rock is 1.5m high, not 5m as on older charts

Great for
A well-deserved rest after an Irish Sea crossing

Local tip
The picturesque village of Killinchy has some cosy and welcoming pubs, as well as two good restaurants, Balloo House and Lisbarnett House

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Picture: Norman Keal

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