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Newton Creek, Isle of Wight

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Remember when you were young and carefree, with no stresses in life? Anchoring at Newtown Creek will bring all those memories flooding (hopefully not literally) back.

There are no facilities so it’s just a case of dropping anchor and getting back to basics – of course this works even better if you resist the temptation to use the generator.

This natural harbour, owned by the National Trust, is renowned for its bird-life, especially in winter. And although it can get busy during the summer, if you choose your timing carefully (i.e. midweek), you should be able to escape the masses.

Watch out for

This is a yachtie haven so motorboats will probably be outnumbered

Great for
Escaping the rat race

Local tip
Landing at Fishhouse Point is not allowed for three months between April and June as it is a nature reserve. Instead dock at Shalfleet Quay, Newtown Quay (both dry) or lower Hamstead on the west side of entrance

Newtown Creek on the Isle of Wight | Top 25 Anchorages: The South | Motor Boats Monthly |Top photo: Kieran Flatt

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