The French connection

With short hops and a Continental approach to cruising, keeping your boat in France will seem like one long holiday

Atlantic coast of France

The coast of south Brittany offers some of the most spectacular cruising in France, and even though it is open to the Bay of Biscay, there is no need to cruise in rough weather, particularly if you can be flexible about when you go out.

The most difficult navigational challenges are the passages through the Chanel de Four and the Raz de Sein, which are best attempted at slack water and in calm conditions.

Fortunately there are now good marinas at L’Aber Wrac’h and Brest where boaters can wait for the right conditions.

Popular with motorboat owners, La Rochelle is home to one of the largest marinas in Europe and boasts a wide array of maritime services, chandler’s and facilities.

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