A Lazy Day in Deauville

Another day in Deauville but its a no go for a move to Fecamp tomorrow..

Tuesday 20th June

Day 11

Position – Port Deauville

It was a leisurely start for the fleet and the team aboard Calm Voyager.

Yesterday the MBM team had arranged for a tanker to come along the sea wall to refuel the seven boats (including Calm Voyager) that required fuel. The marina had not given MBM an arrival time but had just said ‘sometime during the AM’. When 1100hrs came and member of the marina staff came along the pontoon explaining that there was a problem with the Tanker and that it wouldn’t be coming now. He explained (in his best English) that the fuel berth would be closing in 20 minutes and advised to get the boats fuelled asap. The team quickly went round those boats needing fuel, asking them to slip as soon as they could. High Tide was the first on the fuel berth, with Seaglo and Harmonie close behind. Then on visiting the marina office, Neale found out that the Tanker was still coming but in the afternoon.

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Yesterday Julian from Nimbus 350 Jetstream arranged the hire of two people carriers, to take 4 crews over to the Pegasus Bridge and Museum. Today they were out on the road again this time to the Monet Gardens at Giverney near Paris.

On the dot of 1400hrs the tanker arrived and with the very helpful tanker driver, aided by Matt, Ray and Neale fuelling the remaining boats took just under an hour.

After fuelling the MBM team were invited aboard ‘Formanda’ for a Yorkshire style luncheon. Our thanks to Wendy and Don for a superb 3-course lunch.

As crews dispersed into town for dinner and to watch the football, the MBM team climbed aboard Aquavit yet again and watched Sweden score a late equaliser against England, for a 2-2 score. On the ‘MBM fishing for our supper’ front, by 2200hrs Matt had managed to catch five large mackerel from the marina. These will be prepared for lunch tomorrow closely aided by our resident fish expert, Ken of ‘Harmonie’.

After checking the weather again late afternoon Neale and the team had made the decision to cancel the move to Fecamp tomorrow. The local forecast is predicting force 5’s to 7’s in the middle of the Channel, so the further north we would have travelled toward Cap d’Antifer, the worse the conditions.



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