Another day; Another Beach

The MBM fleet move to Deauville

Sunday 18th June

Day 9

Position – Port Deauville

A late start and a leisurely morning in the hot sunshine for everyone, as the first boats were not due to leave until 1530hrs. Some boats chose to top up with diesel on the fuel berth, others took a walk into town.

It was a short hop for the fleet today, the next port of call being Deauville just 7 miles away. At 1530 the first boat, ‘Formanda’ proceeded out through the gate followed by ‘Time Flies’ with Ray and Matt aboard. Fifteen minutes later ‘Zanique’ and the other slower boats followed on. By 1600hrs everyone had been itching to get on the move and the visitors moorings quickly emptied. Calm Voyager was the last to slip and joined the snake of fast boats out of the Dives buoyed channel.

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Meanwhile Matt and Ray were busy at the other end locking through and berthing everyone. When Calm Voyager and the rest of the faster boats arrived the lock was on free flow. Our thanks to the Port Deauville staff for clearing a huge amount of space for us; there was no rafting required and everyone seems extremely happy where they have been berthed.

There was one casualty today. Hardy Seawings 355 ‘Porky’s Revenge’ reported steering difficulty when approaching Deauville. Once alongside the problem quickly diagnosed the cause of the problem; a damaged power steering pump drive belt. Neale complete with boiler suit climbed aboard and had the new belt fitted within half an hour.

The marina basin is tidal locked and sits behind the sea wall. Beyond the wall there is a mile of sandy beach. To the east and the over the other side of the entrance channel, there is the town of Trouville.

Unfortunately there is no fuel at the marina but the marina staff have offered to arrange a tanker, possibly tomorrow to come along the sea wall and re-fuel the fleet. From this point in the cruise the MBM team are advising all participants to keep their tanks topped up, in case of expected bad weather and the fleet have to make for UK waters early.



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