Anti-whaling boat rammed by Japanese whaling vessel

Ady Gil has bow sliced off in Antarctic collision

Ady Gill (formerly Earthrace) has had her bow sliced clean off by a Japanese whaling vessel as the battle between the two sides reaches new extremes.

Owned by the ocean conservationist society Sea Shepherd, Ady Gill – formerly Earthrace, the fastest powerboat to circumnavigate the globe – was idling near Commonwealth Bay in the Antarctic when it was rammed by whaling vessel Shonan Maru, decapitating the bow.

According to the Times Online the $1.5 million boat was badly damaged but all six crew were unharmed.

Australia director for Sea Shepherd, Jeff Hansen says: “The crew saw the Shonan Maru approaching and tried to back away but they couldn’t get out of the way in time and were T-boned by her.

“The Shonan put a hole in the Ady Gil and the nose has clean broken off,” he added.

According to Captain Chuck Swift, an eyewitness who was on board the Bob Barker, a Sea Shepherd support vessel and the latest addition to their fleet, it is unlikely that Ady Gill will be saved.