Aston Martin reveals AM37 Quintessence powerboat

Aston Martin announced today that it will be launching its first powerboat in September in partnership with Quintessence Yachts

You will soon be able to step from your Aston Martin sportscar into your Aston Martin speedboat, as plans for a 37-footer were revealed to the media at Aston Martin’s Warwickshire headquarters today (April 29).

The luxury car manufacturer has designed the AM37 in conjunction with Mulder Design after being approached in June 2014 by Quintessence Yachts, whose founder Louis Paul Steinberg is a classic Aston Martin owner.

And although the first working prototype is yet to be built, the AM37 will have its on-water debut during the Monaco Yacht Show in September, Quintessence Yachts confirmed.

Mariella Mengozzi, CEO at Quintessence Yachts, said: “The Aston Martin Design department has been working seamlessly with the Quintessence R&D unit and naval architect Mulder Design in Amsterdam to achieve a true example of design purity.”

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Petrolheads may be disappointed to learn that Aston Martin’s naturally-aspirated engines will not be used in the AM37 to start with, although the company has not ruled out marinising a V8 in future.

In the meantime, all of the engine options on the AM37 will be twin Mercury set-ups, ranging in power from 370hp to 662hp – the latter will be capable of a top speed in excess of 60 knots.

However, the first hull will come fitted with twin 570hp petrol engines, giving a max speed of 50 knots.

Naval architect Bas Mulder provides the yachting expertise behind the vacuum-infused composite hull. When combined with a carbon fibre superstructure, this should deliver the handling, performance and comfort of a luxury sports car.

Marek Reichman, Design Director at Aston Martin, told MBY: “There is something missing in the world of yachts, which is that emotional connection to a depth of heritage outside of where boats are currently.

“The automotive industry has influenced yachts, but also vice versa. They are both dynamic sculptures – you are effectively translating tarmac for waves.”

Aston Martin signature flourishes include the iconic winged emblem on the transom and a rear diffuser. Meanwhile, the foredeck will flow seamlessly into the windscreen.

“The rear of the boat is the most recognisable connection with Aston Martin,” Marek continues. “It takes inspiration from Aston Martin models that the world hasn’t seen yet.”

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