Behind the scenes with the Hugo Boss mast walk

Watch how Alex Thompson ran up the mast of Hugo Boss in a new video

Following the stunt of round-the-world sailor Alex Thompson running up the mast of his yacht, Hugo Boss has released a behind-the-scenes film. The 39-year-old sailor made the stunt of running up the 30m (98ft) mast of the heavily heeled yacht look easy, however it was far from the case, as the video shows.

Dressed in a Hugo Boss suit, on the first attempt saw the yacht broach, leaving Alex dangling between the mast and mainsail.

Watch the videos below

In 2009 Alex performed a stunt of standing on the keel of his yacht while sailing, but had to do the stunt again in 2012 with a film crew after reports that it could have been faked.

Hugo Boss mast walk video

Behind the scenes of the mast walk video

Alex Thompson stands on the keel of his yacht


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