Boat gets stuck under Chertsey Bridge

15 minutes of unwelcome fame for one skipper

This handsome motorboat fell victim to high river levels when it tried to negotiate Chertsey Bridge over the weekend.

MBM understands that the boat was being delivered

by a skipper on Saturday afternoon when it became stuck under the central span

of the bridge. Red, strong current, warnings were in place and water levels were

high, add in a touch too much air draught and the scene was set for a very

nasty coming together.

The bridge was closed to traffic during the incident, with local fire crews called to the scene around 13:00, the

boat was eventually freed around 14:30.

The boat, described perhaps optimistically as a £500,000

yacht by the national press, is now safely moored at Penton Hook, albeit in a somewhat battered and bruised state. No one was

hurt in the incident.

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