Boat sinks after hitting buoy on River Humber

A 24ft sportscruiser boat sinks after hitting a buoy on the River Humber and ripping a hole in its hull

A sportscruiser boat sank after hitting the number 27 marker buoy on the River Humber on Sunday.

Sea Eagle, which we believe to be a Maxum 2400 SCR, hit the large buoy at around 25 knots, ripping a large hole in the starboard side of the hull.

The boat was taking part in a cruise in company, so there were plenty of other boats around to provide assistance until Humber Rescue arrived at the scene at around 7am.

The rescue boat took two crewmembers to an awaiting ambulance and then returned to deal with the sinking boat.

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Ian Bennett, Coxswain at Humber Rescue, said, “This is the type of incident that we train our volunteer crews for and without doubt that came into its own today, our crews worked superbly.”

There will be an investigation as to how this happened, as questions have to be asked given the size of the buoy.  

Watch the video of the boat being recovered


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