Bond star backs lifeboat campaign

Daniel Craig thrown weight behind Hoylake lifeboat's £2m campaign

James Bond star Daniel Craig is backing a campaign to fund a new lifeboat in the town where he grew up.

The £2m fundraising effort in Hoylake in Merseyside has already been running for a year, and has so far raised £900,000 for the building of a new lifeboat station, which will open on 1 November.

But an extra £1.1m is needed to replace the station’s Mersey class lifeboat with a Fast Carriage 2 boat capable of 25 knots.

That’s where Craig, 40, steps in. The actor, who stars in the latest Bond outing, Quantum of Solace, has written the foreword for the new RNLI brochure publicising the appeal , and in it he speaks of his memories of growing up in the area.

“I was sad to see the old Hoylake lifeboat station go. It was a rallying point when we were kids. Somewhere to meet, a place to climb and fall off, and usually to be chased away by an annoyed lifeboat man after you had asked him for the thirteenth time to be taken out in the lifeboat,” he said.

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“The building that replaces it however is long overdue. When you consider the Hoylake lifeboats’ 200-year history, the lives it has saved and therefore the families it has kept together, its importance needs no embellishment, but its continued success needs our support.”

For more on the appeal, head here .

Photo: Actor Daniel Craig at the helm of an RNLI lifeboat. Credit: Greg Williams.



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