Boston boat owner says he is an “incidental hero”

The Boston boat owner who discovered one of the bombing suspects says he was just checking his boat when he made the startling find

The owner of the boat where one of the Boston bombing suspects hid while a day-long manhunt took place in the city, said that rather than being a national hero he is an “incidental hero” as he was just checking his boat when he discovered the suspect.

David Henneberry told local TV station WCVB his boat Slip Away II was his “baby” and it was only his attention to detail that enabled him to make the discovery.

During the day-long lock down of the city, Henneberry noticed that two of the pads that he had in place between the shrink wrap and the straps on his boat, which was parked in his garden, had fallen to the ground. He didn’t think anything of it but as soon as word came to resume normal activity he went out to the garden to replace the pads.

Henneberry said he grabbed a step ladder and was about three rungs up when he rolled back the shrink wrap.

“I didn’t expect to see anything,” he said, “but I saw blood on the floor of the boat. A good amount of blood. And I said ‘Wow, did I cut myself last time? Then I just look over there, and there is more blood. And I looked back and forth a couple of times and then my eyes went to the other side of the engine box and there was a body.”

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The body Henneberry described was Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the second Boston bomb suspect. Police responded quickly to Henneberry’s alert and took Tsarnaev into custody. He is currently being treated in hospital for serious injuries that he apparently sustained before his capture and he has since been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction.

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