Broom starts building boats again

Broom announced today that it is to start building boats again, less than two months after closing the boatbuilding side of its business

Norfolk builder Broom Boats Ltd is to begin building boats again after halting production at the beginning of last month.

Announcing the decision to restart production, Mark Garner, managing director, said, “I am pleased to say

we have completed a total business review and re-organisation. We also have a new dealer network which

has provided us with sales worth £1.5-£2.5 million, sufficient for us to

re-employ some of our past talented boatbuilding craftsmen.

“As a result we have

been able to appoint a new and inspired management team, confirm total staff of

74 to both build boats and run marina services as one company, Broom Boats


This will be welcome news to Broom owners following the announcement on 1 September that Broom was closing the boatbuilding side of its business, CJ Broom and Sons. The decision came just six weeks after the company, which had been in the Broom family for 112 years, had been acquired by new owners, Mark Garner and Akis Chrisovelides in July.

At this year’s PSP Southampton Boat Show both Garner and Chrisovelides assured MBM that its decision to take voluntary liquidation was not driven by a desire to asset strip the company but out of a need to realign the business.

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Broom says it now has orders to build seven new cruisers over the next year and that work has already begun on a Broom 395, with work due to start on a 45 within the next few days.

Garner also said that in future prospective

owners will only be able to buy Broom boats through dealers, not directly from Broom. The new dealer

network includes two new firms, Norfolk Yacht Agency and Thames Boat Sales of Bray.


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