Cave rescue for RIB

A boatload of tourists were rescued from a sea cave in the Pentland Firth and we have the video

Thurso lifeboat volunteers rescued 12 people after the tour boat North Coast Explorer got into difficulties while in a sea cave on the island of Stroma.

The RNLI lifeboat, The Taylors, went to the aid of the tour difficulties while on a trip around the uninhabited island of Stroma, off the north coast of Scotland on Tuesday.

The RIB which had a crew of two and 10 passengers on board, had entered a sea cave called The Gloup but her crew were unable to reverse the boat back out again.

The all-weather

lifeboat arrived on scene in good weather conditions to find all 12 people standing on rocks below the sea cliffs at the cave entrance. The RNLI Severn class lifeboat was not able to go alongside the rocks, so her crew deployed a small inflatable boat kept on board the lifeboat with two of the RNLI volunteer crew to rescue the stranded people.

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With a 1-2m onshore swell within the cave, lifeboat crewmembers Scott Farquhar and Kevin Murray were able to position themselves alongside the rocks and take the passengers off two at a time. The pleasureboat crew were the last to be transferred onto the lifeboat.

The pleasureboat was not recovered from the cave as it had been pushed

further in by the swell and it was not deemed safe to try and retrieve


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