Cigarette Smash Poker wins Evolution class in Turkey

Vital spares flown from home wins the day

The crew ofCigarette Smash Poker(pictured) confirmed their reputation as the Kings of the Evolution Class after storming their way to glory at the Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Italian-team of Luca Formilli-Fendi and Matteo Nicolini showed outstanding pace and control on Istanbul’s Bosphorus waterway by leading from start to finish of the 14-lap race.

After standing on top of the podium for the first time this season an elated Nicolini said:

“It was a perfect race. We had an excellent start. The boat started in the middle of the Bosphorus and we used the slightly shorter line to pressuriseLucas Oil Outerlimits.”

“We had much better acceleration today with a slightly better set-up. We need to improve the boat a little bit asLucas Oil Outerlimitsis still very strong, so we need to work on the boat to ensure we are competitive in San Benedetto del Tronto.”

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Belgian-team aboardFurnibonarrowly missed out celebrating a stunning 2009 Powerboat P1 debut by finishing just one-point behind the all-conquering Italians in the overall standings. Racing for the first time in the Fountain hull, Frank Hemelaer and Pierre Colpin continued their sequence of second-placed finishes.

New P1 Evolution Class World Championship point leaders, the British-basedSilverlinewas not too far behind in third place but most pleasing for P1 followers was the triumphant return of Marco Pennesi and Max Ferrari inMetamarine Pignolo 53. The colourful Italian partners crossed Sunday’s finishing line in third place but Saturday’s pre-race retirement hampered any chance of championship glory.

Evolution Classified Results:

1. Cigarette Smash Poker (Luca Formilli Fendi / Matteo Nicolini)

2. Furnibo (Frank Hemelaer / Pierre Colpin)

3. Metamarine Pignolo 53 (Marco Pennesi / Max Ferrari)

4. Silverline (Jan Falkowski / Drew Langdon)

5. Lucas Oil Outerlimits (Joe Sgro / Nigel Hook / Mike Fiore)

6. Cranefield Wines (Siegfried Greve / Gino Passchier) RETIRED

7. SNAV OSG (Hannes Bohinc / Giovanni Carpitella) DID NOT START

Turkish Grand Prix of the Sea Evolution Championship Standings:

1. Cigarette Smash Poker – 181

2. Furnibo – 180

3. Silverline – 150

4. Metamarine Pignolo 53 – 120.5

5. Lucas Oil Outerlimits – 100

6. Cranefield Wines – 66

7. SNAV OSG – 0


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