Class 1 powerboat teams agree sweeping rule changes

New regulations aimed to attract Australian and US competitors

Following a meeting with IOTA, team owners, engine manufacturers and boat builders the World Professional Powerboating Association (WPPA) has announced a raft of technical rule changes to the Class 1 World Powerboat Championship with effect from January 1, 2009,

The new rules, which focus on reducing costs, improving the level of competition among the teams and broadening the level of entry of boats into the Championship, were voted in by the majority of team owners with a view to increasing participation in the sport.

The key decisions taken at the meeting include:

– the introduction of a new engine-boat package, 11.5m – 13m in length, weighing 4100kgs and running 790hp naturally aspirated engines. This has been designed using the same power to weight ratio as existing Class 1 boats with the aim of attracting the Australian Superboat and the American Supercat-type craft into Class 1.

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– the appointment of a sole propeller manufacturer for the Championship. The first option voted on is for five Axis propellers with teams limited to a maximum of three sets for the season.

– the removal of all electronic devices

It was also agreed that the introduction and implementation of any new equipment not currently being used in Class 1 must be approved in writing by the WPPA. Also that any future changes or the introduction of new rules will be drawn up by a Technical Committee which will be appointed by the WPPA, composed of members independent of the Class 1 teams.

And for the future, the driver’s representative will assist the World Professional Powerboating Association with the approval of the race courses.


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