Cowes-Torquay back on track!

Round Britain organisers step in to make it happen

The historic Cowes-Torquay-Cowes powerboat race will happen after all, despite the original backers pulling out due to low entries.

MBY reported that the historic Cowes-Torquay event would be cancelled.

Powerboat P1 decided the number of entries would not make the event economically viable and despite the anticipation for the event, revived this year after a three year absence, they pulled the plug.

However the team behind the Round Britain Powerboat Race, which took place in June, have now stepped in, in conjunction with the British Powerboat Racing Club and the RYA.

Round Britain boss Mike Lloyd and a skeleton team will attempt to make the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes event happen despite having no budget and with just weeks to go until the race date on 23 August.

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The structure will follow that of the Round Britain and with most of those entering having taken part in the RBR already, adminstration should be kept to a minimum.

Boats will have to organise their own lifts in and out of the water and volunteers are being asked to provide safety craft.

The news is spreading fast around the powerboating world and one of the sport’s biggest names Hannes Bohinc has already issued a press release on the subject.

The Austrian, whose boat was one of the fastest in the Round Britain Powerboat Race, says: “We may not race but yes, we are interested now that Mike is involved.

“He really understands powerboat racing and has the passion.

“We know that it will now be an event for racers based upon rules that can be properly understood and regulated.”

Bohinc is one of only six drivers to have won the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes twice and one of only 10 who have won the Harmsworth Trophy more than once.

“There is a lot for us to consider at such short notice,” he continues.

“We are very busy with our business and now very busy listening to phone calls from Mr Fabio Buzzi telling us that we must race in Cowes because he wants to beat us! We shall make a decision soon.”

MBY will have more details as they emerge but basic details are available on the British Powerboat Racing Club website.


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