Earthrace skip picks fight with 007!

Pete Bethune slams Bond as environmental menace

It seems there’s no one Pete Bethune, skipper of the biodiesel boat Earthrace, won’t pick a fight with.

After slamming the British Government for its “spineless” stance on biofuels, Bethune has now got none other than James Bond in his sights!

Bethune, whose second attempt to break the round-the-world speed record will begin from Valencia on 1 March, said: “It’s about time movie producers started acting responsibly. The Bond movies provide an ideal platform to raise awareness of new green technologies, and it is irresponsible for movie makers to completely neglect this.”

The New Zealander’s ire was so piqued because in the latest Bond outing – Quantum of Solace – the world’s most famous fictional spy can be seen driving around in an Aston Martin DBS, a variation of the DB9, which was ranked among the top 10 worst performers in last year’s Environmental Transport Association’s Car Buyer’s Guide.

“James Bond is an iconic figure, a role model seen as the height of cool. His vehicle of choice is often the most discussed aspect of the film, revered as an example of cutting edge technology. In actual fact, the most sophisticated technological advances are those that allow high-performance to be paired with eco-friendliness,” said Bethune, whose round-the-world record attempt will have a net zero carbon footprint.

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“Earthrace combines Bond-worthy technology and gadgets at the same time as being green. We’re approaching the producers to offer them the boat – it’s the perfect vehicle for 007.”



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