European yards shine in Miami

Princess and Ferretti launch big new models at Miami Boat Show

Princess and Ferretti chose the Miami Boat Show as the place to launch crucial new models to the world this week.

Princess’s new sportsbridge range, dubbed the S Class, hit the ground running with the S72 making its international debut and Ferretti took the opportunity to reveal a cornerstone of its range, the new 650.

Princess sees its flybridge/sportscruiser crossover being a big hit across the pond and the introduction of this new model could be timely as the North American market seems to be slowly climbing off its knees.

MBY is flying out to Miami (someone’s got to do it…) this weekend to have a first drive of the S72 so look out for the upcoming report.

Ferretti’s new 650 follows the burgeoning trend of having huge strips of glass down either side of the boat, which as well as adding some visual interest from the outside should make for light and bright cabins whether you are owner, VIP or plain old guest.

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The boat also adopts the sleek flybridge first seen on the 690 and, despite the issues this may cause with your radar scanner’s view, it has to be said that she is a fine looking boat.

Three ensuite cabins sweeten the deal even further and of course you get Ferretti levels of engineering and refinement, which is generally of an exceptionally high standard.

And then there was something a little different from who else but Wider. The boat itself may not have been there but the makers of the first ever expanding motor boat chose Miami as the place to announce production of a new 32.

Described in the press pack as “easily distinguishable from other sportscruisers”, it’s an, erm, acquired taste and it doesn’t actually expand like the 42 does, but is supposed to be the ideal tender to another project on Wider’s books, its 150 superyacht.

Whatever it’s supposed to be used for, it will certainly have given the Americans a bit of a surprise.

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