Fairline and Boats.co.uk to end new boats partnership

Essex-based brokerage Boats.co.uk will no longer sell new Fairline models after 23 April, when their dealer agreement expires

Fairline Boats has announced that it will be parting company with its largest dealer Boats.co.uk, formerly known as Essex Boat Yards.

Fairline will now supervise all new boat franchises through a new arm of the company called Fairline GB, which will be based in Swanwick.

Stuart McCullough, commercial director of Fairline, said: “We have not been in any rush to make changes, but the end of our current dealer agreement seems like a natural break point.

“Boats.co.uk will continue to sell and take forward orders for the Fairline range up to April 23 and will have our full support in delivering and maintaining all of the boats that they order.”

After April 23, Fairline GB will operate out of the Swanwick facility previously used by Boats.co.uk to run the Fairline Southampton franchise alongside a new dealer.

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It is understood that Boats.co.uk will be setting up a new South Coast base of operations at Salterns Marina in the near future.

James Barke, managing director of Boats.co.uk added: “We and Fairline remain the best of friends and we will continue to support the dealer network and our customers in the same way we always have.”

The news comes at a busy time for Fairline, with the Oundle manufacturer set to launch eight new models in the next three years, including the Fairline Shadow S, Targa 53 and Squadron 53.

Going forward Fairline’s dealer network, under the supervision of Fairline GB, will include Fairline Chertsey, Fairline Channel Islands, Fairline Eastbourne and Fairline North Wales.


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