Faulty lock in Brighton Marina leaves boats stranded

Boaters in the inner harbour at Brighton have been literally locked in (and out) as marina staff battle to mend the broken lock

The lock at Brighton Marina has been out of action for the last week leaving boaters in the inner harbour unable to get out and those wishing to enter the inner harbour locked outside.

A spokesperson from Premier Marinas, which runs Brighton Marina, said, “Late last week the marina experienced an unforeseeable fault with a control solenoid that allowed the inner lock gate to effectively over-close, this resulted in the marina’s inner (north) lock gate being ‘stuck’ in its closed position.”

The inner harbour at Brighton is where boaters go to get their boats lifted if they need work done.

One berthholder who had moved his boat into the inner harbour told MBM, “I was actually out of the country at the time I got the news and I essentially came back to find that my boat was pretty much stuck. There are obviously worse things you could have happen and the boat itself is safe, but I’d really like to be able to get it out of there sooner rather than later.”

Specialist tidal lock contractors, Total Water Control, have been on site since last Friday and are working closely with harbour engineers and specialist marine contractors to resolve the problem.

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Premier said, “The Brighton Marina team continues to liaise closely with all customers and stakeholders and is committed to reinstating the lock as quickly as possible.”



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