More female engineers needed in the marine industry

British Marine is supporting a campaign to encourage more women to take up engineering roles in the marine industry

Picking up on yesterday’s International Women in Engineering Day , it hopes to focus attention on the inspiring career opportunities available to girls in the industry. This year’s theme is Transform the Future, which mirrors the work British Marine is doing to support and develop skills across the industry. Currently only 12 per cent of UK engineers are female.

Lesley Robinson, CEO of British Marine said: “Achieving a balanced workforce, across all levels within the marine industry, is crucial to improving culture, profitability, productivity and outcomes.”

One of the ways it hopes to do this is through Superyacht UK’s Young Designer Competition, which next week sees 10 students from across the country compete in a live superyacht design challenge spread over two days. Superyacht UK is an association of British Marine and the competition delivers invaluable experiences, opportunities and contacts.

A previous participant, Nadia Lele (pictured above), is now a successful structural engineer at the award-winning design house, Olesinski.

“We know there is still a long way to go,” continued Robinson. “I look forward to working in partnership with our members and organisations across the UK to inspire more rising stars like Nadia to become engineers, helping to diversify the industry and encourage and support continued growth.”

This year’s Superyacht UK Young Designer Competition takes place on 25-26 June and is headed to a new location, The Superyacht Design Forum in London’s renowned Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.


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