Floods continue across UK

EA gives out 77 warnings, with Thames area badly hit

The Environment Agency has issued 77 Flood Warnings (flooding expected with immediate action required) and 176

lower-level Alerts across the UK.

The South East and Midlands areas are

worst affected, with 25 and 22 warnings respectively. Eye-witness accounts

suggest that many of the Thames’ low-lying islands are submerged, with the

river running strongly.

If your boat is moored on the Thames,

or any UK river, best advise must be to check your moorings as soon as


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Elsewhere, people have been flocking to the West Country

coastline to watch the surf, as high winds deliver unusually big seas. But the

rain is a problem here too, with many properties, especially those close to

rivers, hit by flooding.

With the ground already sodden, continued

rain means that conditions are expected to worsen over the next 48hours.

Met Office figures suggest 2012 will be one of the wettest

years since records began in 1910.

It said just 46mm of rain was needed to fall

before 31 December to make this year the wettest on record for the UK overall,

with 1,291.2mm recorded between 1 January and 26 December. With 40mm expected

to fall on Saturday alone the writing appears to be on the wall, to be quickly

washed off by the next downpour. 


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