Formula 1 promoter takes over Class 1 offshore series

Decision reflects recent decline in top league offshore racing

The promoter behind the world inshore Formula 1 series has taken over the series’ offshore Class 1 equivalent in an effort to improve its fortunes.

Nicolo di San Germano has seen a steady growth of international interest in Formula 1 under his stewardship, but his task with offshore is unlikely to be as smooth.

The Class 1 series has been dogged with problems in recent years, many stemming from its evolution from genuine offshore competition to series of heats held close inshore over short multilap courses.

The aim of the change was to attract large crowds and wide media coverage, but apart from local support from host towns neither was forthcoming. The result is a series that can only muster six regular contenders.

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But San Germano doesn’t this the present Class 1 format needs to be changed radically. He believes that strength in numbers, communication and implementation of clear and fair rules must form the foundations to take the sport forward.

“We will reinforce the number of teams because strength in numbers in terms of participants is important.

“Our target is to have a minimum of ten boats and this part I think we have already overcome because we have interest from over ten boats for the beginning of the season.”

The new promoter aims to publish the 2011 calendar on February 23. It will be interesting to see if he gets the support he needs to carry the series forward.

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